January 21, 2014

Body Flow classes motivate students to ‘build’ bodies, brain cells

The Baltimore chapter of Christ Child Society began partnering with Brick Bodies this school year.
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From El Salvador, student Skypes with classmates at St. Michael the Archangel School

Antonio Gomez, a first-grader at St. Michael the Archangel School, is in El Salvador with his mother.
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Weekly Wonder Toy: AquaDoodle

Silence is seldom a good thing when young children are playing. It usually means they’ve gotten into something they shouldn’t. So, when I stopped hearing Collin and Frank giggling, I went downstairs to investigate.I found them surrounding a mat on the floor covered with colorful scribbles. Frank had given up
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Another snow day: The beauty of the falling snow, predictions, myths, music, on being a snow angel, and “A Teacher’s Prayer for a Snow Day”

    As I wrote in early December, everybody loves a snow day, especially students and educators. Since Harford County schools were scheduled to be closed today and tomorrow for faculty in-service programs, the private schools in the area were on their own to make a decision with the forecasts calling for
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