October 2, 2013

Pope establishes advisory panel as permanent Council of Cardinals

Pope Francis made his international advisory panel on church governance a permanent council of cardinals, which has been informally dubbed the "Group of Eight" or "G-8."
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Holy, holy, holy: Pope talks about his favorite saints

Pope Francis describes eight holy men and women he credits with playing an important role in his religious formation.
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Carving out time for a family project for school

When our kindergarten student came home last week with instructions for this month’s family project, I wasn't too worried. Then I read the instructions.We had to take a family walk, have Leo fill out a sheet of what we saw, and then decorate a poster board pumpkin. And we had
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Ovarian cancer gets special attention at Mercy

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, but education on the disease is important yearlong.
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