August 18, 2013

20th Sunday C Ordinary Time – St. Peter Parish

I. Introduction In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us he came into the world to light a fire. So let me talk a little about fire – fires that aren’t so good and the fire that was lit by Jesus and is fanned by the Holy Spirit … with our participation, of course, because we are...
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20th Sunday C Ordinary Time – Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary Opening Mass

I. Introduction: Msgr. Rohlfs’ First Rector’s Conference Many years ago, I and another seminarian were driving from the Mount down to Washington. While we were on I-270 we began to discuss what the future would be like. We wondered what kind of parish we would be assigned to, how we would get along with our...
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Catholic Review Column: The Urban Church

Earlier this week, Bishop Denis Madden, whose vicariate includes Baltimore City, and Spiritan Father Evod Shao, Pastor of St. Edward’s Church in West Baltimore, led a prayer walk through the violent streets surrounding the parish. They were joined by a number of parishioners and others from the neighborhood who have recently watched the violence on...
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