July 29, 2013

Pope answers questions about Curia reforms, gay lobby

Pope Francis held his first news conference July 28, shortly after the Alitalia flight taking him back to Rome departed from Rio de Janeiro.
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Youth Will Lead Church Evangelization Efforts

We did not need to witness the scenes of 3 million pilgrims flooding Copacabana beach in Brazil to participate in the final Mass of World Youth Day July 28 to tell us that our young people are the future of the Church. But is sure was a beautiful reminder! Pope Francis has galvanized
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Camp St. Vincent going strong

During the summer, 160 children who are homeless participate in Camp St. Vincent in Baltimore's Patterson Park.
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Immigration and civility

The experience of the Holy Family is similar to the stories of so many immigrants who have come to the United States throughout our history.
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Potty problems: Change in venue challenges pilgrims at vigil

At Copacabana, just more than 400 portable restrooms were available.
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How to prepare your child for moving to a new house

Think of the biggest change you experienced as a child. Then imagine being adopted into a new, forever family from another country. In an instant our sons lost everything they knew and gained a new family, a new name, a new language, a new home, a new country—a new world.Now
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