July 7, 2013

Catholic Review Column: God Knows Us. Do We Know God?

Many people today are concerned about how much information is being gathered about good, law-abiding citizens. Huge information-technology firms such as Google continue to collect vast amounts of data from millions of people the world over. The IRS will amass even more information about individual citizens and families once it begins to fulfill its role...
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100 Days

Earlier this month, the whole Church marked the 100th day of the pontificate of Pope Francis. While it may be hard to believe that it has been 100 days since the dramatic election of our new Holy Father, it may be even more surprising how he’s been received. One of the reasons for this is...
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Going on a house hunt, I’m not scared. Got my kids by my side…

John and I usually go house hunting without the boys, but today John was busy packing and preparing for the move. And we were clearly in the way.There were two open houses I wanted to attend, and I had two preschoolers who were willing to accompany me—and a few hours
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