February 11, 2013

Statement of Archbishop William E. Lori on the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Archbishop William E. Lori, 16th Archbishop of Baltimore, the nation’s oldest Catholic diocese, issued the following statement during a press conference in Baltimore earlier today after learning of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Let me begin with words of appreciation for Pope Benedict XVI and his leadership of the Roman Catholic Church for these...
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Grazie, Papa

  I join the rest of the world today in complete disbelief about the news I heard the minute after my alarm radio went off: Pope Benedict plans to resign. As the historians assess his legacy, I'm reflecting on the blessing of a few encounters with the man who benefited from
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Archbishop Lori reflects on Pope Benedict’s legacy

Archbishop Lori expresses his appreciation for Pope Benedict XVI.
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Cardinal O’Brien calls resignation ‘courageous act’

Cardinal O'Brien said the pope "dropped a bombshell" when he made his statement today.
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Pope Benedict leaves legacy of faith and hope – and also love

  In 1988, a group of about two dozen young Catholic journalists joined the first of what would become nearly annual “summer universities” sponsored by the International Network of Young Journalists, which was part of the International Catholic Union of the Press (known by its French initials UCIP). Bringing people from
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Inviting Pope Benedict along on our Lenten journey

I’ve been trying to decide what to do during Lent this year.I had wanted to give something up, but in my attempt to make 2013 a healthier year, I feel as if I’ve already sacrificed most of my food and drink vices—and not for spiritual reasons.So I had decided to
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