October 12, 2012

Traditional Marriage: Rousing Hearts, Educating Minds

In this season of politics, political posturing and political pundits, one thing needs to be made clear to all Maryland Catholics and Catholics everywhere.The issue of traditional marriage, at its very essence, is not political. Call it providential if you like. You can also label it as divine, historical, natural
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Holocaust survivor film comes to John Carroll

Holocaust survivor Leo Bretholz continues to recount his memories.
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Putting our worries into perspective

 Irving Berlin wrote a wonderful song for the musical “White Christmas” that has a great deeper meaning in its light-hearted refrain:If you're worried and you can't sleep, Just count your blessings instead of sheep, And you'll fall asleep Counting your blessings.Sometimes it really pays to stop everything you are doing and start to
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The uncertain future of boys

I am the father of two young boys, and I am concerned about their future. For most of Western Civilization, males dominated society, but in the last 50 years, females have gained access to jobs and education historically reserved for males. Women not only performed as well as men, but in
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