July 3, 2012

Catholic community rallies around hospitalized Calvert Hall student

Nearly 200 people gathered for a July 2 prayer service for Jack Levee at St. Margaret in Bel Air.
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Review: Spider-Man reboot swings, but is it amazing?

The legendary web-swinger is back, battling teen angst by day and catching crooks at night in "The Amazing Spider-Man."
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Virginia woman sues priest, diocese for alleged abuse during exorcism

ARLINGTON, Va. - A Virginia woman who claims a priest sexually abused her while meeting with her to perform exorcisms has filed suit against the Arlington Diocese and the Virginia-based pro-life group he formerly headed for $5.3 million in damages.
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Preschoolers’ arguments and faith are in bloom

The other morning we were walking toward our car, carrying the dozen bags or so we always seem to pack for our day away from home, when Leo stopped suddenly. “Look!” he said. “A flower!” There, beside our sidewalk, just feet from our front door, was a bright yellow flower. Its long
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