June 24, 2012

Mass for Vocations to Holy Orders

My brother priests, and dear friends in Christ, I. Introduction I’m delighted to welcome all of you here to Rome and to the Pontifical North American College as we begin together this pilgrimage to the Eternal City. Our time in Rome will culminate on Friday, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, during a Mass...
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John is his name…unless John was that third grader who threw spitballs

 This morning at Mass we listened to the story of John the Baptist’s birth and naming. There’s that wonderful moment when everyone present assumes the child will be named Zachariah for his father, but Elizabeth says he’ll be named John. The family and friends assembled are shocked, and then Zachariah
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Sunday Snippets: A Catholic Carnival

Ever since I started blogging for The Catholic Review a few months ago, I've been trying to read more Catholic blogs. Today I came across a group of Catholic bloggers who participate in "Sunday Snippets," sharing their posts from the previous week.Some of the links posted by Catholic bloggers at
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