April 3, 2012

Official Statement of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

The archdiocese released the following statement from Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien March 29 regarding John Merzbacher.
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Where will it end?

The deconstruction of Catholic teaching in Maryland continues under the guidance of our Catholic governor and his wife.
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Rosary is powerful tool

Christianity in America is at a tipping point. Hostility toward religion has become acceptable and commonplace. God is being marginalized.
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UMMS pledges to preserve St. Joseph’s Catholic identity, but how?

Pending approval of its sale to University of Maryland Medical System, the ownership of St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson may change, but its Catholic identity could stay the same.
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Cardinal praises priests, successor at chrism Mass

Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien celebrated his last chrism Mass in Baltimore at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen April 2.
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Preach, teach and catechize

Thank God for our newly appointed Archbishop William E Lori. May he come to know us and love us as we will surely love him.
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This wave is different

In his article on immigration (CR, March 22), Bishop Mitchell Rozanski erroneously equates the illegal immigrants of today with the legal immigrants of the past.
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Longtime St. Veronica deacon dies

A funeral Mass for longtime St. Veronica Deacon Willard E. Pinkney will be offered April 10 at the Cherry Hill parish. Deacon Pinkney died March 30. He was 97 and had been a deacon for 37 years.
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