Rosary is powerful tool


Christianity in America is at a tipping point. Hostility toward religion has become acceptable and commonplace. God is being marginalized. Religion is being banned from public expression. The sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of life are being trampled upon. And now there is a pitched battle over sovereignty of conscience and religious liberty.

If the forces of secularism are not turned back, our nation will become a godless state, and the future of our nation and the faith of generations of our children will be at risk.

The way to ebb this tide is through public action and prayer. The “weapon” of choice should be the rosary.

In the recent  Knights of Columbus campaign  to pray for the unborn, Catholics throughout Maryland pledged to say more than 157,000 rosaries. There is no reason why Catholics throughout this country cannot pledge to pray 10 million rosaries for the preservation of religious freedom and the restoration of public virtue in our nation. With an outpouring of faith of that magnitude, our Blessed Mother and her divine Son would not refuse our plea.


Lawrence P. Grayson

State Director, Pro-Life Activities

Knights of Columbus

Catholic Review

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