August 21, 2011

Stunningly clear video of Pope’s arrival in Madrid

MADRID- When Pope Benedict arrived in Madrid for his World Youth Day welcome address Thursday, Baltimore was at the front of the line. Want to see how good of a view we had? Check out this awesome video filmed by Will Warner, a parishioner of The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. Will is an insanely...
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The world’s music marching into Madrid (mp3)

Wanna hear something cool? Check out all the music and voices that make up the march into the World Youth Day vigil and Mass site, Cuantro Vientos.
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Random thought on World Youth Day

MADRID- Three weeks ago today, I got down on one knee on the campus of St. Mary’s parish in Annapolis, looked at my girlfriend of two years and asked her to marry me. Today, as I, and more than one million people in Madrid, was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI, I thought of Cassandra. I...
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WYD pilgrim’s emotional moment at vigil

MADRID- If Katie Bechtel’s reaction at the end doesn’t get your eyes wet at the end, I don’t know what will. She got to sit close to the stage during last night’s vigil here in Madrid for World Youth Day. Enjoy.
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The Archdiocese of Baltimore's pilgrims (plus me in the bottom middle!) after the final Mass at World Youth Day (Photo by Matt Palmer/The Catholic Review) MADRID- We finished Mass with the Pope about two hours ago and the great upload begins. I have to work on a series of stories for The Catholic Review and...
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