July 8, 2011

Wishing Space Shuttle Atlantis all the best

I’m a little wistful today, as I watch media coverage of the final launch of the space program. As a college journalist, I covered the very first shuttle launch, STS-1, April 12, 1981. STS-1, Columbia, clears the tower at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, April 12, 1981. Photo © 1981 Christopher Gunty I had followed...
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John Mackey added to poignancy of funeral for John Unitas

On Sept. 17, 2002, I ignored the request that media not attend the funeral of John Unitas, tucked a note pad into my blazer and entered a pew in the back of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. I’m not sure if it was during a reading or one of the many spoken tributes to the great Baltimore...
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Joe Flacco’s awesome wedding

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was married a few weeks ago to his high school sweetheart, Dana. Turns out it was at New Jersey’s Church of the Holy Saviour. It also looks like Ozzie Newsome should sign Dana to solve some center-QB exchange issues. Check out these photos from his wedding photographer!
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