April 21, 2011

The Hopeful, Holy Men of Baltimore

The Catholic Review Though not a day of obligation and certainly not as faithfully observed as the other solemn days of Holy Week, the Chrism Mass, which is celebrated in our Archdiocese each Monday of Holy Week, is no less powerful or significant. The Chrism Mass is so called because it is the annual liturgical...
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What if the pope was overwhelmed by his job?

[youtube=] A film about a newly elected pope overwhelmed by his responsibilies is a hit in Italy, but drawing a mixed response from Catholic leaders. The Associated Press has the story: Director Nanni Moretti’s movie about a panic-stricken pope who can’t cope with the enormity of his task is a hit across Italy. Within the...
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Power of Facebook

Mr. Ted and his son-in-law enjoy Opening Day, April 4, 2011.   More than 20 years ago (I know I am totally aging myself here), I attended St. Stephen School in the quiet town of Bradshaw. I remember plenty from those days, such as the large walk-in refrigerator where the daily cartons of milk for...
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What Can’t God Do?

A couple of weeks ago my three-year-old niece, Molly, told my mother and me that she had a bad dream. She wouldn’t elaborate, simply because she told me I was in the nightmare. Once she got through the sheepishness, she shared that she figured out who was responsible giving her those night terrors. She raised...
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