December 8, 2010

I hear you

Well, the verdict is in on my original black/white/orange theme for The Narthex: it looked really cool, but it was hard to read. I just switched the theme to something that should be a bit easier on the eyes.  I might experiment with some other themes in the coming weeks.  Let me know what you...
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Remembering a Baltimore culinary classic

  The pending closure of Obrycki’s in Fells Point, a legendary crab house and Baltimore institution, reminds me of the loss of another Baltimore culinary landmark: Haussner’s in Highlandtown. The quirky German restaurant, famous for its endless menu and extensive art collection, closed its doors more than a decade ago. Located within walking distance of several Catholic...
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Hallelujah! What a chorus

Matt Palmer’s take on the worst holiday/Christmas songs got me thinking about two versions of the “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s “Messiah” making the rounds of e-mail and internet posts this time of year. Both bring a smile. One features a well-organized “flashmob” that brings the chorus to a mall food court. At some point, some...
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I used to be somebody

Now I am somebody else. Last summer I appropriated that line from Crazy Heart, the film that got Jeff Bridges his Oscar. I’d sing it whenever a brother who will go unnamed introduced me to new friends with “He used to write sports for The Sun” – as if life had stopped when God took...
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