August 19, 2010

British aid agency report leads Honduras to charge three linked to mine

LONDON – Honduras’ environmental prosecutor has filed criminal charges against two mining executives and a former government official after a British Catholic aid agency provided evidence to show that they ignored the alleged pollution of rivers.
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Father Ross Syracuse, Canton’s pastor-pilot, flying off to Buffalo

ESSEX – Conventual Franciscan Father Ross M. Syracuse is reminiscing about his theology studies at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.
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Truman was right

Letter-writer Christopher B. Costello (CR, Aug. 12) was 100 percent on the mark when he described Tony Magliano’s column (Aug. 5) as “misleading, pacifist propaganda.” Without the nuclear bomb, many more Japanese people would have been substantially killed in warfare before they would have considered surrendering.
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Faith sustains Merzbacher abuse survivor

When Elizabeth Ann Murphy was growing up in South Baltimore, she loved sneaking into the choir loft at St. Mary, Star of the Sea. Hiding away in the quiet church, the youngster would sit still and stare at the tabernacle.
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