July 29, 2010


The Catholic Review Forty years ago, I became a chaplain in the United States Army. That fact came home to me as I prepared a talk to be given last Saturday at Fort Myer, VA, to past and present members of the 173rd Airborne Brigade, the unit I served with in Vietnam in 1971. In...
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The New Missal Series, Part Five: Transforming power of God’s love

The Eucharistic prayer is the high point of the Mass and the most profound prayer that the church can offer. We can never understand nor appreciate fully the Mystery, the great love that God shows us in this marvelous exchange. We offer to God the gifts of bread, wine and ourselves, and God returns to...
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Why dishonor active duty force?

The letter, “Weary of war” (CR, July 15) falsely asserts that the letter from Sean Costello misrepresented the American attitude toward the war in Afghanistan. The sentence which starts “Contrary to what Costello states … ” makes a false linkage to an assertion that Costello never made. How can “Weary of war” demand respect for...
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Letters unlock doors for priest with Alzheimer’s

After attempting suicide several years ago at a Cumberland penitentiary, a prisoner spent his days lying alone on the floor of his tiny cell. Staring at the ceiling and speaking few words, the man seemed lost.
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