Why dishonor active duty force?

The letter, “Weary of war” (CR, July 15) falsely asserts that the letter from Sean Costello misrepresented the American attitude toward the war in Afghanistan. The sentence which starts “Contrary to what Costello states … ” makes a false linkage to an assertion that Costello never made. How can “Weary of war” demand respect for pacifism after using a false statement as a lead-in to arguments implying moral superiority?

The soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan, whom the “Weary of war” author dishonored by leaving out of the list of veterans to be honored, operate under restrictive rules of engagement designed to protect civilians. Contrast their rules of engagement to the strategic bombing strategies of World War II. Furthermore, if the arguments of Tony Magliano for pacifism are correct, the 360,000 Union troops – 23 percent of the force – who died from wounds and disease in the Civil War died for nothing.

Catholic Review

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