May 11, 2010

Thanks for priests

This has been set aside by Pope Benedict XVI as the Year for Priests; we also give special appreciation for priests on the first Sunday of June.
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Vatican nuclear stance applauded

At a time when the Vatican is criticized for failing to provide moral leadership in regard to sex abuse by priests and administrative failure of bishops to properly supervise offenders, I’d like to praise its moral leadership regarding nuclear weaponry disarmament, almost from the dawn of the nuclear age.
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Immigration article left mistaken impression

An article on the new Arizona immigration law (CR, April 29) stated that it makes it a crime to be here illegally, whereas “Federal law treats that as a civil violation.”
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Gun buy-back unproductive

Why is The Catholic Review (April 29) sponsoring the political action of a gun buy-back and claiming tax-exempt status for that action? From the other article on that page, your peers in the regional media rewarded you with two first prizes for what is an immaterial effort, based on the numbers and timeline cited in...
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