September 2, 2009

Gun buy-back misguided

I do not understand how a gun buy-back (CR, Aug. 27) “paves the way to peace.” Five previous efforts offer no indication of doing so.
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Church-State separation cited incorrectly

“Library of Congress display makes Bibles come alive” (CR, Aug. 27) begins by saying “Separation of church and state is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.” This is patently incorrect. Rather the First Amendment affirms the freedom to worship as one pleases and the prevention of the establishment of a state-sponsored religion which was common in...
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Polish prelates welcome Putin’s letter seeking better understanding

WARSAW, Poland – Two Polish archbishops welcomed Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s letter seeking a better understanding between Russians and Poles, published to coincide with Sept. 1 commemorations of the outbreak of World War II.
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