October 12, 2007

Mount St. Joseph receives special education grant

Mount St. Joseph High School in Irvington was one of four Maryland schools to receive $84,000 in grants from the Kensington-based Catholic Coalition for Special Education, Inc.
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Flag photo was disrespectful

I am writing in reference to your photo on page 3 of the Oct. 11 issue. To see a mom and her daughter standing at the begining of an outside mass is excellent. To see them standing on the American Flag (even if a blanket) is disrespectful. Shame on them, but more importantly, shame of...
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Flag should never be stepped upon

I just saw the photograph on page 3 of the Oct. 11 edition of The Catholic Review. How can anyone attending such a spiritual event as the Mass on the Grass show such disrespect for our national symbol? The American flag is not even supposed to be on the ground, let alone stood upon. Shame!
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