September 7, 2007

Make life easier by booking bridal shower venue

You want the intimate atmosphere of a family bridal shower, but unfortunately it’s a big family. You have to find room for the bride’s great aunts, and cousin Sue has just told you she’s a vegan. For some families, the solution is to find a venue that offers an intimate home-like atmosphere, but one with...
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Church teaching not an obligation in government

Russell Shaw (“Catholic President not necessarily good news for the Church,” CR/Aug. 30) seems to assume that Catholics have an obligation to apply the dogmas of the church to civil government of the United States. There can be no such obligation. The words of the Article VI of the Constitution govern the matter:
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Right wrongs, don’t cover them up

In failing to consider my Aug. 30 letter to the editor for publication (i.e. Justice 101), I might assume that The Catholic Review is not interested in historical correctness on the church’s “common teaching” about slavery prior to Vatican II.
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