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Testing Information

Dear Parents / Caregivers, 

In making many choices for our lives and those of our loved ones, we rarely choose a product, whether it’s a home, a vacation destination, or an automobile, based upon one fact. Our choices and decisions are based upon a combination of factors, research, experience, and intuition.

On a regular basis, parents/caregivers call the Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools asking for our schools’ test scores – whether it’s for an individual school, or part of a larger list that would “rank” or “compare” our schools. Overwhelmed by choices and the importance of making the right decision, many families hope that a number can demonstrate which school is best for their child.

Although test scores reveal one aspect of a school, they cannot show the complete picture. Parents/caregivers have a duty to consider multiple options. As a parent/caregiver, one of your most important responsibilities is to choose a school that “fits” your child’s personality and learning needs, as well as your family’s practical needs and educational priorities. Some options for parents/caregivers to consider:

  • The overall moral and spiritual environment/atmosphere
  • The quality of the curriculum
  • The intellectual and social growth and success of students
  • The training and experience of teachers
  • Special programs
  • The opportunities for family involvement

Our commitment is an educational approach that reaches out and nurtures the “whole” child in an environment of spiritual development, academic excellence, moral values, respect, and safety. Just as each Catholic school has its own “fingerprint” – its own unique character and personality reflecting the faith community within – each child has strengths, talents, and interests to be encouraged and developed.

Catholic schools have proven time and again that a child placed in a caring, respectful learning environment succeeds short and long term. We encourage families to research their schools of interest, ask questions, visit and spend time within the school’s environment.

Barbara Edmondson
Superintendent of Catholic Schools