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School Board Leadership Summit

Breakout Session Descriptions (Please select two on the registration page)

October 17 , 2015
Loyola University – McGuire Hall
8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
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Enrollment Management

Rachel Harkins Ullmann, Director of Enrollment Management, Archdiocese of Baltimore
Description: "We are in the business of recruiting saints!" Catholic school recruiters (advancement directors) have a great responsibility.  They seek to sustain the operational vitality of an institution, but they also invite a 21st century learner to experience a Catholic education which is unique and remarkable.  Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit and tools such as ArcGIS platforms and student data management systems, come and see what we are doing in regards to enrollment management!

Fundraising/Friend-raising (Development/Institutional Advancement)*
Kim Montgomery, Major Gifts Officer, Archdiocese of Baltimore
Description: Friend-raising has replaced the days of candy sales and magazine drives to sustain our school.  Corporate partnerships and creative engagements with vendors occupy the development efforts of the 21st Century. This workshop will address development/institution advancement efforts.

Samantha Hall, Assistant Director of Communications, Archdiocese of Baltimore
Description: Creating Magic: What Walt Disney can teach us about marketing Catholic schools. Enrollment, marketing, communications, websites, clicks, ROI, oh my! Let’s take a step back in time and understand Walt Disney’s genius in captivating our hearts. Marketing and branding is ultimately about connecting with your audience – at the heart level! We will discuss basic marketing principles through the wisdom of Walt Disney. In this presentation, we will draw from the Disney experience as it relates to Catholic school branding, curb appeal, communications, connection, and utilizing your data.

  • Be our Guest: Customer Service and the Front Office
  • The Magic Begins: Curb appeal and your campus
  • It’s a Small World: The art of listening and understanding
  • Extra Magic: Keeping prospective families connected
  • Hakuna Matata: Don’t let your data make you crazy!

School Board Chair’s Role:
Patricia Garland, School Board Chair, School of the Incarnation
Leading a Catholic School Board
The school board chair presides at all meetings and assists with the agenda development. The Chair of a Catholic school board has an extra special role in offering guidance to the head of school regarding all school board issues. Fostering a spirit of unity among all stakeholders, the school board chair provides leadership to the school board, the school and the larger community.

School Financing
Bill Wilkerson, Senior Internal Auditor, Archdiocese of Baltimore
The Operational Vitality of every school is at the foundation of the school board's work and responsibility. The school Board finance committee assists in the monitoring of the operational budget along with advancement responsibilities, financial aid, capital endowment funds, enrollment revenue and expenses. The implementation of the budget is vital to the stability of the school.

Strategic Planning*
Regina Haney, Ed.D, Executive Director, National Association of Church Personnel Administrators; Christopher Cosentino, Associate Superintendent, Secondary Schools and Government Programs
"Schools that Fail, Fail to Plan". This adage is true and lies at the foundation of why Strategic Planning is vital for healthy schools. Participants will engage the presenter regarding vital elements of planning: Getting Started, Surveys, engaging the wider school community, individual key roles, implementation, updating etc. Come to learn your next steps in the planning process.

Committee Structure*
Maggie Dates, (Facilitator), Principal St. Joseph School, Cockeysville
Panel: Rebecca Hielke, School Board Chair, St. Joseph School, Cockeysville; Sharon Derr, School Board Chair, Immaculate Conception School; John Phelps, School Board Chair, St. Frances Academy
The Work of the Board is done in Committees. Effective school boards utilize the committee structure to move their mission and agenda for their schools.  There is a process to working in committees and reporting out to the full board. Let's discuss creative and workable methods to maintain the recommended Catholic School Board Committees within the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

*Based on the survey of March 2015, these were the areas of highest interest.