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Welcome to High School

Dear Student:

Congratulations on the impending completion of your elementary/middle school education!
While the eighth grade is a year filled with great excitement and joy marking the conclusion of your primary education, it can also be a time of anticipation and even anxiety. Your high school education awaits you, and many important decisions that require careful and thoughtful consideration lie ahead.

I applaud you for considering a Catholic high school to continue your education. We are extremely proud of the Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the successes achieved by the thousands of students who, once in your shoes, chose a Catholic high school, our students continue to benefit from their Catholic secondary education.

Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore boast a 99 percent graduation rate, and 98 percent of those students attend college. A 2010 study* determined that graduates of Catholic schools earn $250,000 more over their lifetime than their public school counterparts.

While impressive, statistics alone do not fully capture the Catholic high school experience. By choosing one of our schools, you can expect to receive an academically-excellent education taught in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment.  Our schools challenge your unique gifts and talents, allowing you the opportunity to reach your full potential. While each Catholic high school has something different to offer, each one is a place where you will grow as a student, an individual, and a future leader in our society.

I hope you enjoy learning about the step-by-step process for receiving an education in one of our wonderful Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Should you or your parents or guardians have any questions, please contact the individual schools.

Be assured of my prayers for you during this exciting time. I hope to see you in a Catholic high school!

Dr. EdmondsonBlessings in Christ,
Dr. Edmondson Signature

Dr. Barbara McGraw Edmondson, Superintendent

*2010 SAGE Study -