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Session Descriptions

Archdiocese of Baltimore
Parish/School Management In-Service Day
Loyola College  -- Timonium Graduate Center
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
8:00 AM -- 3:20 PM


Session 1:  The Six Mission Priorities of Pastoral Planning
Presenter:  John Romanowski, Executive Director, Evangelization

This session will provide an overview of the six mission priorities (vibrant liturgy, welcome, encounter, accompany, send, mission support) that are guiding the Be Missionary Disciples Pastoral Planning process.  Together, these priorities describe the values and vision of an evangelizing parish as a "hub of intense missionary activity."  It is this vision that ought to inform our discernment at all levels of support, including the areas of finance, facilities, HR, and so on.

Session 2:  Retirement and Investments
Presenters: Petra Phelps, Director of Employee Benefits,    T. Rowe Price and Knights of Columbus

This session will explain the recent updates to the 403(b) plan investment options as well as how these options are internally reviewed.  Information will also be provided to help you become a 'Champion of the Archdiocesan 403(b) Plan'.

Session 3:  IT Church Intelligence Initiatives
Presenters: Dan Honemann, Director of Business Intelligence; Ron Hurt, PIMS Manager; and Lawrence Lawson, Parish Data Analyst

The Archdiocese of Baltimore has a reputation for collecting and using data that goes back many decades. This data collection is used in a variety of ways to provide better support and service to the Archdiocese, parishes, schools and agencies. This session will provide a "behind the scenes" look at the systems and people that are responsible for the Archdiocese's Church Intelligence Initiatives.

Session 4:  Advance the Common Good with Uncommonly Good Work
Presenter: Ashley Conley, Director, School Finance

As a religious non-profit we ask a lot of our lay leadership.  We may ask them to be an officer or director of the parish/school corporation or on an advisory board or committee.  Many of these volunteers oblige out of a sense of responsibility, but they don't often know what we are asking of them.  In this presentation the fiduciary responsibilities of officers and directors will be reviewed, as well as aspects of lay leadership that can lead to uncommonly good outcomes will be presented.

Session 5 HR - Implementing the New Federal Regulations Governing Overtime
Presenter:  Joe Smith, Executive Director, Human Resources

This session will provide an overview of the new regulatory changes, its impact, and steps that parishes and schools need to take to implement the regulations and to begin tracking of time for affected employees.

Session 6  Mission Possible:  Facilities Management in the Pastorate Planning Model
Presenter:  Christin Kinman, Project Manager, Facilities Management

In this presentation, participants will gain an understanding of how facilities management impacts the strategic mission and evangelization of the Pastorate.  This presentation will provide an overview for facilities planning in the Pastorate model and provide the framework for strategic facility planning moving forward.