Created to Love

Adolescent Catechesis for Human Sexuality and Child Protection

Created to Love is designed to provide a foundational curriculum for adolescents regarding the dignity of human life, Catholic morality, healthy relationships, positive decision-making, and the sacramentality of marriage. Created to Love also incorporates elements of child protection in an age-appropriate way. Its purpose is to support, not to supplant, the efforts already being made to educate young people in understanding and appropriately expressing God’s gift of human sexuality.


Dear Colleagues in Ministry,

As you know, Created to Love is another example of the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s commitment to integrating child abuse prevention/safe environment education into a holistic sexuality curriculum.  Created to Love is mandatory for your high school aged young people and is an alternative child abuse prevention/safe environment and sexuality curriculum for young people 6 through 8th grade in parishes.

Below are letters that should be distributed to the parents/guardians of all children who are of the appropriate age to receive this education. You may distribute the letter by sending it directly to the parent, by posting it on your web page and/or by publishing it in your handbook. In order to be in compliance with the USCCB’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, documentation must be maintained if a parent/guardian chooses not to have their child participate in the Archdiocesan child abuse prevention/safe environment education, Created to Love. Effective immediately, all parishes and schools must use the below opt-out from. It is the only opt-out from authorized for use by parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. This form is not intended to be given to all parents/guardians.  It should be given to parents/guardians who choose to opt-out of Created to Love after they have had an opportunity to review the curriculum with you. Using this standard is an integral part of maintaining accurate records in preparation for the annual USCCB audits.