It Aint Over

 The Monica Lewinsky interview has concluded; the book has been released. Yet, we as an adult society weary of scandal, impeachment, and embarrassing details about our nation’s leadership still have lessons to pass along to our children. Yes, Hillary’s village should not remain silent regarding these matters.

In the American village where our children live, here are the latest related statistics (from the Spring 1999 edition of Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner):

  • 56% of women and 73% of men have become sexually active before their 18th birthday.
  • About 25% of sexually experienced teens become infected with an STD/STI, Sexually Transmitted Disease or Infection, each year.
  • 1 million teens become pregnant each year, resulting in 14% intended birth, 37% unintended birth, 35% abortion and 14% miscarriage.

Despite out fatigue on this subject, there are still three essential messages we must communicate. We, as an adult society, must begin to provide coherence to our discussions by having our words match our own actions and practices.

First, sex and physical intimacy are not just a game. Ms. Lewinsky described the beginning of the relationship as this “Everyone who has been in any situation where there’s a flirtation, it’s a dance. And it’s sort of one person does something and then do you meet that person and raise the stakes.” In a relationship, we grow closer in many ways, sharing time together, sharing interests together, and sharing hopes and dreams. In a mutual relationship, both parties can win, as they grow closer. True Love does not rack up relational chips in an effort to bluff or raise stakes to see if the other will stay in the game or fold.

Further, sex and physical intimacy cannot stand alone in the equation of True Love. A relationship built around physical gratification, both in brief encounters or during telephone conversation, proves not to be muc