Writer is shocked by what he read

I am sometimes surprised by what I read in the Catholic Review, but I don’t ever remember being shocked.

The article in which the papal theologian attempted to explain why we don’t have women priests certainly changed that. I simply couldn’t believe what I was reading.

It seemed to be something out of MAD magazine. The reasoning was intellectually vapid and repugnant. The gender roles described by Father Giertych belong to an era long gone.

This really seems to be Flintstone theology at its best. The institution of the priesthood is crumbling before our eyes but the justification for maintaining the status quo is based on ideas which are at best unsound.

I note that Father Giertych fails to note that Jesus chose as his first disciples not just men but Jewish men from Palestine some of whom were married. It seems to be so easy for Father Giertych to gloss over inconvenient truths.

Not only are we seeing fewer people attending weekly Mass but fewer people are contributing to the support of the Church. I certainly would not want to help support this line of thinking.

I guess it’s no wonder that really bright theologians are having such a hard time in the Church. We are in an era of Church history where mediocrity is being rewarded.


Edward McCarey McDonnell



Feb. 12, 2013 CatholicReview.org 


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