Why your attitude at work is everything

I’ve read inspirational blogs or articles from life coaches that say when it comes to success – just as important as talent, smarts and having the right people in your corner – is attitude.
Positive people put forth a more attractive energy and according to research, seem to stay healthier, have better relationships and do well in their careers.
What I like about this approach is that it applies to all levels of people and all arenas of work. Whether you’re a sanitation worker or a CEO, your attitude can contribute to the level of success you enjoy in your career. The level of energy and enthusiasm you put into your work can directly impact your own career and also inspire those around you.
If you’re looking for a little motivation/inspiration to help your attitude, check out this story by Dave Kerpen, chairman of Likeable Media and see how he transformed a seemingly mundane job into one worthy of celebrity status.

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