Why is pro-life movement silent on Afghanistan?

Why is pro-life movement silent on Afghanistan?


I strongly agree with Matt Palmer’s column, “We’re living in the Hunger Games” (CR, April 5). Our society has become somewhat desensitized to human violence and death, especially among our youths. The Catholic Church has been very active in fighting the scourge of abortion, but I have yet to see the same fervor and energy in protesting the death of thousands of civilians in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

War correspondents even call these innocent people “collateral damage.” I sometimes wonder, who thinks upon them as human beings? The United States  and NATO drone strikes and bombings cause most of these deaths. Even “Veterans for Peace” speak out about “unjust” wars. Where is the pro-life Catholic protest and demonstration? Do we need another Catonsville Nine, which was active in the 1970s protesting the Vietnam War, to protest the Afghanistan War? One Marine veteran of the Vietnam War called war “organized hell and highly organized death and destruction.”


Ruth Von Bramer


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