Where is Christian conscience when it comes to war

I find Monsignor James Farmer’s column, “Society chooses death, church chooses life,” (CR, Aug. 21) very disturbing. He lists abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment and embryonic stem cell research, and makes no mention of the unjust and immoral Iraq War. The words of Pope John Paul II (March 5, 2003) regarding the Iraq War were not heeded: “unjust, immoral, illegal!”

Not counting our brave solders killed and thousands more maimed both physically and mentally, the war has cost the American taxpayer billions and left millions as refugees and killed or maimed thousands of Iraqis. No one wants an illegal war, and too many Christians have been far too silent on this catastrophe. Little is done to promote diplomacy and peace. Why isn’t there more outrage over this immoral war? Where is the Christian conscience? Where are the clergy voices speaking out?

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