Voting more vital than ever to religious freedom

In Catholic churches all across America, the Gospel reading Oct. 11-12 ends with the memorable slogan “Repay to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” For centuries that has been read as an endorsement for the separation of church and state.
Unfortunately, recently the state has been meddling altogether too much in the affairs of churches. The latest outrage came in Houston, where the city government demanded that pastors turn over their sermons for inspection. The memory of the IRS targeting conservative religious groups and churches is still very fresh in our minds.
Are we just supposed to take this sitting down? After all, it wasn’t my own church that was attacked. The phrase “I can let it go …” tells exactly what is wrong with American politics. The one opportunity to be heard is already upon us, and still many eligible voters don’t know either the issues or the candidates.
Have government regulations and policies affected you? Is there anything you’d like changed? The absolutely essential first step is to show up and vote! Especially in this year’s election, don’t say “I can let it go …”
Your religious liberty is too important.
Tom Sheahen

Catholic Review

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