Supporting abortion is monumental scandal

It is foolish to think eliminating the death penalty is the “final step” to civilizing the world (CR, July 17). Each generation faces a world under Satan’s influence. The final step is dying with Christ.

I personally oppose the death penalty. I would not have others do what I would not do; but our faith leaves war and the death penalty to the ultimate judgment of civil authority. We should not forget that the death penalty of an innocent man saved us. Christ accepted civil authority’s judgment without argument. Christ assured the thief that accepted the death penalty of a place in Christ’s kingdom – not so the other thief.

Christ told his apostles, “The man without a sword must sell his coat and buy one.” He told Peter there will be wars and rumors of wars. Disciples were not to live by the sword, but they had a right and duty to defend self and others.

Prisons are costly and not escape proof. I think a lifetime in prison can be cruel and unusual punishment. Hardened prisoners still pose threats to guards and other prisoners.

We should be all out for preventing abortions instead of spending resources on far less deadly and far more debatable issues. Our faith treats abortion differently. The unborn pose no threat. Civil authority has overstepped its right in justifying abortion.

Unfortunately, Catholic voters and politicians continue to support abortion. It is a monumental scandal.

Catholic Review

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