Remembering Teresa’s life full of miracles

Our hearts are breaking for Teresa’s family.

Their sweet, charming little girl, so full of life, so determined to live and live well, so loving and so loved, has gone to heaven.

I cannot imagine the grief of her parents, her brothers, her sisters, and all who loved her so deeply. I think of her classmates, her friends, her teachers. They are all in our prayers today, and they will be for many, many days to come.

Even during her last days on earth, Teresa captured hearts. I marveled at how the Pray for Teresa B Facebook group grew and grew. I can’t help but wonder how many people she brought closer to Jesus as they prayed for her. I know I, for one, have been praying differently, more deeply as I thought of this little girl who had so much she still wanted to do—ride her princess bike, get her ears pierced, live and love for years to come.

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Teresa’s life was full of miracles. She became a daughter and a sister in a loving family, walking into her new-and-forever mother’s arms with a smile and never looking back. She overcame medical challenges. And this one little girl united people from around the world in prayer.

A few weeks ago our 5-year-old asked me why we were praying for Teresa not just at home but also at Mass during the intentions. We talked about how she needed a new heart.

“I know where she can get a new heart,” Leo said.
“You do?” I asked.
“Yes,” he said. “God will give her one.”
Our 5-year-old was right. God has given Teresa a heart, a perfect heart, a heart to love both Jesus and her absolutely extraordinary and extraordinarily blessed family who adopted her from China three years ago.
Today for the first time in years Teresa no longer needs our prayers. But her family needs our prayers more than ever.
And we know just the right person to speak to, the little girl who is sitting on Jesus’ lap showing him her newly pierced ears and her brand-new heart. So Teresa, please whisper in Jesus’ ear, and ask Him to send your family the peace and strength they need to face each day.

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