Weekly Wonder Tech: KidsCanDesign and Certifikid

I’ve previously written about my love for Collin’s artwork, particularly how difficult it is to archive. We’ve whittled his works down to a small gallery.
Of all the pieces Collin created in his first year of preschool, one painting is my favorite and has earned prime placement on our refrigerator. It’s a yellow sun with a wide smile and handprint rays on a blue background. And every time I look at it, I smile. I love this piece of art so much that I decided to have it made into a necklace.
For $24.99 the kind folks at KidzCanDesign created a sterling silver pendant version of my son’s sun from a photograph I uploaded. The necklace arrived four weeks later on a black cord. Though it’s not a perfect replica of Collin’s painting, the accurately rendered little smile on the sunny face makes me feel pretty happy.
I discovered KidzCanDesign via Certifikid, a Groupon-like website offering daily deals for activities, services, and products geared toward young families.
If you haven’t signed up yet for Certifikid, you should. It’s free! Once a day, I’m sent deals for amusement parks, camps, photo sessions, and more. I found tickets to The Sound of Music at Oregon Ridge Dinner Theatre and the upcoming Annapolis Irish Festival for great prices. So, if you’re looking for something fun and affordable to do this summer, consider letting Certifikid lead the way.  

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