Protestant bread and juice

If a Catholic doesn’t receive Communion at a wedding ceremony in a Protestant church, does that mean the Catholic does not support the newlywed couple?
At a Protestant marriage ceremony, the Protestant minister states during the ceremony that their “bread” and “juice” (specifically identified by the minister during the ceremony as not wine) is the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.
And, the minister requests that all (i.e. all you Catholics) should join the couple in accepting this “Communion” as a participation and affirmation of the couple’s first act together.
Sorry, Catholics can joyfully and heartily attend and participate in a Protestant ceremony and celebrate the couple’s marriage and wish them the best without having to receive a Protestant Communion.
A Catholic does not disaffirm the marriage ceremony by not agreeing to partake of Protestant Communion. And, a Catholic is clearly forbidden to receive Communion in a Protestant Church. See Code of Cannon Law 844 (Can. 844 §1 Catholic ministers may lawfully administer the sacraments only to Catholic members of Christ’s faithful, who equally may lawfully receive them only from Catholic ministers.)
James P. Randisi

Catholic Review

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