Primarily independent

It’s Primary Tuesday in Maryland, and just about everyone on my social media feed is bombarding me with reminders to vote. I’ve even had several people tell me that if I don’t vote, I don’t have a right to complain. There’s just one problem: I can’t.

I generally don’t like to discuss politics, for several reasons.

1. I can’t stand the arguing and the tension political debates cause.

2. I don’t consider myself an “expert” on “the issues.” (With 3.75 kids and a career, I’m too busy to keep up with all that.)

 — and –

3. There are so many more interesting things to talk about. (Like the Orioles.)

 I’ve also found it difficult to find others who share my views on how the government should be run. I don’t side with the Republicans or the Democrats, or any other party for that matter. For that reason, I am a registered independent.   

Unfortunately, in the state of Maryland, that means that I am ineligible to vote in the primaries. Personally, I find that that policy puts voters in an unfair “forced choice” situation. I chose not to decide. (And according to the band Rush, I still have made a choice.)

Honestly, even if I could vote today, I’d be hard-pressed to find a candidate who would govern this country according to my prolife, prosocial values. Our president should look out for the welfare of all U.S. citizens, born, unborn, incarcerated, impoverished, in public service, and in turmoil. Our next president should work toward economic stability, international and domestic tranquility, and environmental security. Unfortunately, my ideal candidate is ineligible because he’s not an American citizen, and he already has his hands full at his current job. (His name is Pope Francis.)

Pope Francis has already been vocal on American politicians’ statements on immigration. And Bernie Sanders recently attended a Vatican conference on social justice. Sanders admits to admiring Pope Francis, but, his pro-choice beliefs still cause him to fall short of earning the votes of some Christians.

It’s tough being Catholic during elections like this, when so many of our values are split between two starkly opposite parties. So, while I wait for the president of my dreams, I will pray that our country will find itself in the best hands possible. God bless America!

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