One thumb up: Archbishop Lori praises new movie

Is Archbishop William E. Lori the new Roger Ebert? While he’s just a day away from being installed as the 16th archbishop of Baltimore, the archbishop’s new job might be film critic. 
According to a news release from The Maximus Group, Archbishop Lori, who is the chairman of the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, endorsed an upcoming movie, “For Greater Glory.” The movie stars Oscar-nominee Andy Garcia, Oscar-winner Peter O’Toole and Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. 
“For Greater Glory is an excellent film that has the courage to tell a story that has been all but forgotten,” Archbishop Lori said. “The sacrifices and hardships endured by those who would not renounce Christ helped preserve the religious liberty of millions, and this film honors their memory in a remarkable way. For Greater Glory also reminds us of how much has been done to pass this liberty on to our generation by those who came before us, and it makes clear the truth that Christ taught us – that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for a friend.”
For Greater Glory opens in theaters June 1, the same day as another epic, Snow White and the Huntsman, is expected to have one of the biggest box office weekends of the year. For Greater Glory details a fight against a Mexican dictator who banned religion in the country. 
Andy Garcia told CNSNews recently, ““It’s a fight for religious freedom, but really a greater umbrella it sits under is the concept of absolute freedom. There are countries all over the world right now that are still fighting, in the middle of a fight for those rights, and people have been deprived of those rights.”
Watch the movie’s trailer now:



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