‘For such a time as this’

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In the book of Esther, we read about Esther, Queen of Persia, who saves her people (the Jews) from genocide at the hands of treachery. Before she did anything to save her people, she had to make a tough decision. She was reminded that she perhaps had come into her royal position for such a time as this: to save her people. (Esther 4:14)
Have you ever found yourself in such a position? While you might not have saved an entire race of people, I’m willing to bet you have found yourself in a unique situation which needed only you.
This past Saturday night, I had one of those situations. After a short trip to Whole Foods Market in Harbor East, I walked the one block to the bus stop to wait for the number 21 to head home. I sat and caught up on a podcast while I drank my coffee. My wait was only supposed to be about 20-30 minutes. Well, 30 minutes went by and still no bus. I figured I would now be waiting for the number 11 and take a slightly different route home.

That’s when I heard the screech of tires and boom that only comes from a car accident.

Sure enough, one block east of me was a two car accident. Grabbing my bags and running down the street to see if anyone was hurt, I immediately called 911, gave all pertinent information and then went to see about the drivers and passengers.

You see, one car T-boned the other, one driver didn’t have her cell phone and the other driver was so shaken up she could barely remember her name let alone where her phone went after the accident so she could all her son. Needless to say she couldn’t remember his number so we needed to find that phone.

One car lost its front bumper and the T-boned car had a busted rear axle, so it wasn’t going anywhere. Despite knowing I really needed to get home because it was getting late and I had cookies to bake (some of you readers might have had those cookies the next day), I knew I couldn’t leave the scene until the police officers showed up.

As I spoke to the drivers while we waited for the police, all I could think was “for such a time as this.” Was I a little frustrated about the late/no-show bus? Absolutely. Did I get over it? Yes. I got over it because of the verse “for such a time as this” reminded me that we are nowhere by accident. I was right where I was supposed to be, when I was supposed to be there, to do exactly what only I could do at that moment.

I walked to the subway station feeling good. Not because I was prideful, but rather because I was faithful and was able to be of service.

Sometimes, when life doesn’t go our way, we wonder why our lives have become difficult. Instead, I challenge you to open your eyes, look around you, and pray to be an instrument of God. People may look at you funny and wonder why you care so much about people you don’t know, but I consider that a small price to pay in order to serve my fellow human being.

Are you ready for the challenge? How can you turn a bad or frustrating situation into a good one? How will you remind yourself “for such a time as this?”

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