Procedure for Possibly Sustained Head Injury (2)

\Procedure for assessing, documenting and reporting students who indicate they have sustained, or may have sustained, a head injury outside of school or on school grounds on a previous school day:

  1. Refer to the Suspected Head Injury Assessment Form.
    Begin by assessing the student using the Head Injury Danger Signs Checklist. If
    the student has one or more of the indicated symptoms, the student should be seen by EMS health care providers immediately. Contact the parent/guardian and/or EMS (911) to arrange for emergency health care delivery. The student must be continuously monitored until dismissed from school for emergency care. Provide first aid as needed. Complete the Suspected Head Injury Assessment Form and provide a copy to the parent/guardian. A copy of the completed Suspected Head Injury Assessment Form may be provided to the emergency health care professional by the parent/guardian or by school personnel.
  2. If the student’s symptoms indicate the student does not require immediate attention from his/her physician or emergency services per the Head Injury Danger Signs Checklist, administer the Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist and ask about his/her sleep p