No part of creation escaped consequences of original sin

In the International News section of The Catholic Review (CR, May 22) a story ran under the headline, “Aliens may be part of creation,” in which a comment attributed to the Vatican’s chief astronomer, Fr. Jose Funes, S.J., read, “If aliens exist, they may be a part of creation that does not need Christ’s redemption.”

Catholic doctrine very clearly holds that Original Sin wounded not just man, but all of creation. Further, the work of the redeemer, once brought to fulfillment in time, is such that “all of creation will be freed from the corruption of sin and death.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church – no. 2852)

In other words, there exists no part of creation that escaped the consequences of sin, be it “alien” or otherwise, nor is there any part of creation that does not stand in need of Christ’s redemption.

Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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