More prayer and less rhetoric on life issues

I was extremely disappointed to read the angry letters from writers who are very upset by the election of Barack Obama. The majority of U.S. Catholics did not vote for Mr. Obama because he is “pro abortion.” I believe that I voted for a very moral man.

It is time for American Catholics to take back our church from one issue Catholics. Isn’t it time to ask ourselves if the strategies used by these reactionary Catholics are effective? Do people really respond in a positive way to strident and in some cases grotesque literature and pictures? Are these people creating a hostile environment in our churches by their less than Christian behavior?

I attended Mass at the Cathedral during Respect Life weekend. The priest spoke of the problems of abortion, euthanasia and other life issues but then he went on to discuss the lack of respect we have for one another as evidenced by some of the mean, nasty and judgmental things we say to one another. This uncharitable conversation sends a very negative message.

I realize that many pro-life activists are very giving and charitable, and operate with the best intentions. I do believe however, that it is time for Catholics to evaluate the methodology and tactics used by some Catholics to determine if they are truly consistent with Catholic beliefs. More prayer and less rhetoric might be helpful.

Catholic Review

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