Loneliness is a divine invitation

Hospitalization is a sure blessing for many people who, due to some type of illness, are confined to a room where they are provided for. Our local hospital staffs are well trained, understanding, good listeners and sensitive. They know only too well how to listen and provide for the needs of others.

In just about any situation, people need people. Even the homeless individual found sleeping in some street corner has the need and the right to receive, from a bystander, concern, compassion and assistance. While, as Christians, we admit to daily prayer and good works, we still need to show compassion to the downtrodden one who is hungry, cold and lonely.

While many people are quite well off, they should admit within their selves that Jesus is always there. That’s why it’s recorded: “Have I been with you all this while and still you do not know me?”

What then is the solution? Seek silence and solitude since the Lord says “follow me.” Just as one plans for a vacation or what’s needed at the food store, so also outreach is needed so that equality is realized in ways a large-hearted person is aware of. If you feel it is directed to you, it is. We need to pick each other up so that we can stand tall and proud to be in love.

Father Hipsley, a retired archdiocesan priest, resides at Mercy Ridge Community.

Catholic Review

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