Ladies get away day at Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The ladies of the Magnificat Mom’s Club gathered 50 women at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Edgewater, parish hall for a day of pampering and activities created just for them. Throughout the day the ladies were treated to pottery classes, Mary Kay Cosmetic representatives, jazzercise classes, scrapbook activities and a planting project. The ladies were treated to a continental breakfast, hors d ‘oeuvres from Tastefully Simple and lunch from Bayside Bull. A nutritionist and a doctor were invited to speak to the women about their physical and mental health and the importance of spirituality in their life.

“It went very well. It’s important for ladies to have a relaxing day because women do so much,” said Pat Dixon, the supervisor of religious education for the parish.

The women in the Magnificat Mom’s Club wanted to bring more mothers into their group and get the women in the parish more involved. They wanted to have a program that brought women together and lifted their spirits, said Michele Enzor who was one of the women behind the event.

“One day I felt like God was speaking to me about doing a spa day,” said Ms. Enzor. “It ended up completely different than expected. God was just so faithful through the whole process.”

The ladies, with a lot of hard work, planned the whole event in three months. She said it was the group’s way of evangelizing and opening the door for women in the parish and community to participate in the church.

“I think it’s important for women to have a day away to refresh themselves,” said Ashley Dray who is a member of the mom’s group. “It’s important for mothers especially because it helps them have their own time and be with other mothers.”

Ms. Enzor agreed with Ms. Dray and said women get so caught up with their families, work and everything else that they forget to take care of themselves. She said this was more of a social event but they prayed the rosary and kept the chapel open so the women could pray in silence.

“God really showed himself in an amazing way this weekend,” said Ms. Enzor. “You start off with this idea and God turns it into something greater than you could have imagined.”

The Magnificat Moms plan to have another ladies day out next year and Ms. Enzor said she would be willing to help other parishes put together this own women’s day.

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