Keep FOCA in headlines

In response to “FOCA is a threat to Catholic health care,” by Louis C. Breschi, M.D. (CR, Feb. 12), I will join with you in fighting to protect human life and our religious freedom to serve human life and health with integrity. I also say that I tried to do this by not voting for President Obama in November. The information was out there for all to know about his support for the Freedom of Choice Act. As Dr. Breschi explains, FOCA would have overturned every law limiting abortion that was passed over the last 30 years. President Obama supported it in 2007 and in 2008 promised to sign it into law. Now why would any Catholic support this action or any candidate who supported such an act? Why wouldn’t Catholic clergy come out in droves to publicize this horrific position? Do you think our dear Lord would follow in line behind anyone who supported such policies? Is this a just and civil law to hand our children while asking them to turn away from violence and be respectful to all people? I believe as Catholics we still have a responsibility to speak the truth and to fight for the gift of life and freedom for all citizens. I think history will show the magnitude of deaths due to abortion as a dark and sinful time for mankind just as the sins of slavery are looked back at today.

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