Immigration stance wrong

Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien’s column “Immigration a Test of Faith” (CR, Feb. 24) is a test of faith to read on the part of this Catholic who cannot understand the position he is taking on immigrants who are here in this country illegally. Instead of focusing on fixing the perceived problem with the immigration process itself, he chooses to encourage illegal activity. Obviously, the archbishop has not spoken to the countless numbers of citizens in this state and country who have been displaced by the cheap labor of illegal immigrants.

While our state and federal officials look the other way, employers hire the illegal workers because they will work for a much cheaper wage. Where is the outrage at this on the part of the archbishop? Our citizens deserve the dignity of a job that pays a decent wage, particularly the construction industry which has been absolutely decimated by the explosion of illegal workers. I know, because my husband is one of these displaced workers.

How many more people do we allow to disobey our laws, take jobs from our citizens and demand in-state tuition for their college age children? This is a supreme injustice to the citizens of this state and country who abide by the rule of law and the Ten Commandments, particularly those that relate to stealing and lying. I respectfully disagree with Archbishop O’Brien’s stance on illegal immigration.

Catholic Review

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