Health care requires individual responsibility

Archbishop O’Brien (CR, Sept. 10) is spot on regarding the church’s stance in the current health care debate. I agree that any reform must guarantee the sanctity of life at all stages from conception forward. Health care is an unalienable right contained in the Constitution and it is the responsibility of the individual to make healthy lifestyle choices and, perhaps, buy that catastrophic health insurance policy instead of a new cell phone. Is this not more in keeping with the principle of subsidiarity? It also appears to me, that any public policy that forces one to involuntarily pay through legislation and taxation should not be endorsed by the church. Is it not morally wrong for any government to take the lawful property of one against his will and give it to another? Is it not also morally wrong for the recipient to accept it?

The church should be an advocate of reform. In addition to sanctity of life and personal responsibility, it should also pursue policies that include reduced taxation and economic stimulation so individuals and employers have the ability to buy health insurance and through charitable works, be able to donate to help the helpless among us that truly are in need of our compassion.

Catholic Review

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