Glad Greatest Generation didn’t think like Magliano

As a retired member of the nation’s military, I read Tony Magliano (CR, July 2) with interest. He impresses me as a modern day Neville Chamberlain, who is likewise blind to the reality of the real world. I and many of my military colleagues have always shared the feeling that with regard to war, no one likes to fight but someone has to know how.

Had members of the “Greatest Generation” had the same mindset as Magliano, America would have come out on the short end of World War II.

If it’s spending on defense that concerns Magliano, perhaps he should concentrate on far greater waste in other areas of our nation’s budget. The members of the current administration and members of Congress, have wasted far more money on the so-called stimulus bills, continue spending large sums for behind-the-scenea patronage and are enslaving the population of this nation and our children with a growing and unreasonable tax burden.

Magliano’s negative connotations about patriotism and the military are misguided. May God bless America and lead us out of the current darkness.

Catholic Review

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