Giving Freely

I find it hilarious when you offer something to a person and mention “its free.” People stop what they’re doing, heads turn, they come for a closer look. It could be a rotten potato but you will probably get some takers.

On Saturday, May 12, three of us from Frontline braved the threat of thunderstorms and fought the urge to roll back into our beds. We made it to St. Ursula’s in Parkville for Mass to receive the power to love the women, men, and unborn children we would meet at Planned Parenthood. The Planned Parenthood facility was closed, thanks be to God. We decided to pray and talk to people passing by. We had rosaries and some rosary booklets.

Our interactions would go something like this:

“Would you like a rosary?”

“No. I’m fine.”

“They’re free.”

“Oh, really? Can I get a blue one? No, wait, a black one? Can I get one for my cousin?”

We also made sure to explain the rosary, how to pray the rosary, and gave them a booklet. Meeting people led to some great conversations about Jesus, prayer, and abortion. (Our Mother opens the door.) We prayed with people who asked for prayer. We talked with a mother and daughter who were Baptists and were determined to tell their pastor about fighting abortion in their neighborhood. We took prayer requests and offered them to our Lord.

And there were the women who tried to go in to Planned Parenthood but the doors were locked.

One woman, who was probably about 21, explained to us that she was trying to volunteer. What a tragedy for someone to offer themselves freely to help the mission of Planned Parenthood. I don’t know if she changed her mind, but she was confronted with truth concerning Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

Another woman showed up and she was pregnant. She was married and had other children. She was thinking of abortion. She was confused. We prayed, we talked, and she was seriously interested in what we had to say. We referred her to a crisis pregnancy center and helped her to see that there really are people who care, want to help, and are committed to loving people like herself and her child.

We are created “from nothing” but are made for God. We are in His image. We are called to participate in His life. Let us pray and work so that all men and women may know His plan and say “yes” to the God who gives Himself freely.

Dan Taibi is a member of a Harford County pro-life group called “Frontline. They often attend Saturday morning Mass and the come to Baltimore City to pray for the unborn and their mothers.

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